Latoya Haight
Training & Recruiting Manager

20 Years of Sales Experience
10 Years of Managerial Experience

"Success Doesn't Just Find You, You Have To Go Out And Get It!"

For 20 years, I have been in the business of sales. Understanding that sales ultimately means that I'm marketing my personality, I have helped businesses across Hampton Roads adapt their strategies. I am an asset to the community, taking a sincere interest in the economy of Hampton Roads and the entire state of Virginia!

I currently hold a Master's degree in Government from Regent University and a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice. As a training and managing recruiter at Contract Net, I enjoy helping my co-workers and colleagues exceed expectations with their clientele.

At Contract Net, we aim to continuously reinvent our digital marketing strategies and social media management so that we can achieve numbers that others won't. Our goal is to help businesses and organizations all across the United States of America reach their financial goals with social media outreach and marketing!

As a national organization, we truly plant the seeds for growth for individual business owners and corporations of all sizes! "We Drive the Entire Economy of Civilization."