Commercial Bank

About The Business

Financial security doesn’t come easily for all of us. We have to plan for it, save for it and manage our money wisely. In this area, there is a full-service banking facility to help us realize today’s goals and to plan for tomorrow’s. Commercial Bank is located in Knoxville at 10413 Kingston Pike, phone (865) 769-2245. They are committed to helping you grow and are ready to make that commitment to you today.

Checking and savings accounts, personal and business loans, banking by mail and a wide variety of other services all add up to a first-class, full-service banking institution. When you’re considering long-term financial planning such as Certificates of Deposit or IRA accounts, or just the convenience of a savings or checking account, let Commercial Bank introduce you to their many services. They have enjoyed serving the enterprising people of the community for many years and, inspired by their confidence, they continually expand their services to serve more and more people each year.

At Commercial Bank, you will find, coupled with every desirable banking service, a spirit of cordial cooperation and a willingness to extend the services and facilities that were designed for your convenience.

Commercial Bank

  • Knoxville, TN 37922