Paintball Sportsland, Inc.

About The Business

Gary Bosnick, Owner
“Proudly Serving Frederick County For 15 Years”

The team leader motioned the sharpshooters forward while the others melted into the underbrush. Each member checked his or her marker and awaited the signal to attack. Suddenly, there was a commotion from behind the team. Ambush! A bright blue stain bloomed on the leader’s chest as he fell backwards into a bush, laughing while the attackers and defenders became a colorful mess.

Welcome to paintball! Forget strategy board games. At Paintball Sportsland, located in Frederick at 10418 Old Liberty Road, phone (301) 898-1100, individuals and groups of all ages can play the hottest game going. Invented in 1981 for ranchers to mark cattle prior to round-up, it wasn’t long before they found that marking each other could be a lot more fun. The vegetable-based oil and non-toxic dye capsules are the size of the tip of the thumb to make a satisfying splat on impact. The gun is a pneumatic launcher utilizing nitrogen or CO2 to propel the pellets. Paintball Sportsland hosts open and private games, and the sport has national tournaments available for those interested in competition. Paintball Sportsland is open year round, rain or shine, on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Weekdays are by reservation only with a minimum of 20 rental packages.

Area residents or organizers are invited to contact Paintball Sportsland for corporate outings, church groups, birthday parties or weekend fun. Paintballs, guns, camouflage, certified safety goggles and more are available for sale or rent at Paintball Sportsland, where you can exercise both your body and mind. They also host Airsoft games and offer Airsoft rental packages.

Paintball Sportsland, Inc.

  • Frederick, MD 21701