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Before the computer age, advertising encompassed four areas: Print, Radio, TV, and word of mouth. Now that the internet revolution has opened the floodgates to advertising,  word of mouth has become digital with the help of Yelp! And Google reviews. Gone are the days when newspapers were an everyday staple during breakfast! A TV-like commercial uploaded on YouTube can reach viewers in a specific zip code in seconds, changing the way receive information about the world and business.  While this can be a bit overwhelming, it is also a massive opportunity for small businesses to compete in a wide range of markets without too much hassle.

As times continue to change, we must remember to put our hard-earned dollars where the people are… not where we wish them to be. We must also take advantage of the many opportunities that can change the landscape of our businesses!

More Than 100 Million People Use Instagram Daily!

1.3 Billion People Use YouTube. In Fact, 300 Hours of Video are Downloaded Every Minute!

Almost 5 Billion Videos are Watched Daily.

Even Those Who Watch TV Typically Pick Up Their Phone Between Commercial Breaks.

Google Processes Over 40,000 Searches Every Second On Average. That is 3.5 Billion Searches PER Day!

Social media allows you to engage and interact with your customers like no other platform. These mediums, however, can also be time consuming and expensive for business owners if they are unaware of the most cost-effective ways of using these platforms.

Creative social media content that uses MAJOR  platforms like Facebook, Google, and YouTube will create a stunning boost in your business engagement practices. Instead of dreaming about reaching different communities, you can act on creating the ideal customer base across multiple stages!

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