Community Focus

“Helping Businesses Build Their Online Image”
Community Focus is an advertising agency connecting people to businesses in their local area through our Community Business Guide.

From 1983 to 2007, our Business Review section was published in well-known newspapers throughout the country. In 2007, we began our online venture, giving businesses a better way to reach potential clients.

We’ve featured more than 30,000 clients across the U.S., many of which have consistently featured with us since the newspaper days.

We maintain close relationships with our clients and have a great staff of account executives who work closely with businesses to provide them a positive, informative and effective online presence.

We look forward to helping many more businesses build their online image while connecting with their local communities.

Message from the President

“We would not be the company we are today without the thousands of businesses that have supported us over the last 33 years. We look forward to continuing our strong business relationship with you. Community Focus will continue to devote all of its energy to meeting the online marketing needs of the business owner.”

James P. Wootton