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Joaquim Ferreira, Owner • Established Over 23 Years Ago • Specializing in Language Translation Services

In today’s society, translators are needed on a daily basis. They are available to convert one language into another and relay concepts and ideas between languages. When different cultures blend—whether in business dealings, court systems, international conferences or other times when communication is essential—Etcetera Language Group is available to assist with translation.

Translators deal with written words and have vast experience in their field and understand the cultural references that must be explained including slang and particular expressions. These translators work in a variety of settings including hospitals, courtrooms, and conference centers. They provide high-quality translation in all major languages. Other services include foreign language desktop publishing and multilingual project management. They have access to hundreds of language professionals all over the world and can accommodate any of your translation requests. Their areas of expertise include medical/pharmaceutical, clinical trials, telecommunications, computers, technology engineering, and personal documents.

Call on Etcetera Language Group. Their team attends continuing education classes to keep up to date in their field at all times. They are committed to meeting the needs of their client partners around the world. If your organization is in need of translation services, call their office, located in Washington, DC, at 2016 Perry Street Northeast, at (202) 547-2977 or fax (202) 318-2478 today.

The professionals at Etcetera Language Group, Inc., thanks all of their clients for their referrals and look forward to serving your language needs in 2023.

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