Hohenshilt Crane Service, Inc. HCI Decking, Inc.

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Family-Owned & Operated With Over 40 Years of Experience
Serving All of Lehigh Valley & Pennsylvania

For all your crane services needs, contractors and individuals throughout the Lehigh Valley area and Pennsylvania have learned to rely on Hohenshilt Crane Service when it comes to any residential, commercial, or industrial project requiring a crane. They can provide 33-to 90-ton capacities and rent cranes with operators on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Located in Neffs, you can call or text (610) 248-1356 or (610) 248-3767. They are competent to handle concrete forms, HVAC lifting, rigging, cellular work with an OSHA-compliant hanging man basket and pinned man baskets, steel erection as well as smaller work related to roof trusses, sign emplacement, and other jobs. They’re also certified to perform work in cement mills, mines, and quarries.

If your business requires the use of cranes or needs metal and composite roof and floor decking, contact these established firms. The service provided by Hohenshilt Crane Service has provided this community’s efforts to grow. You will appreciate the courteous service you’ll receive. For more information, visit www.hohenshiltcrane.com.

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Hohenshilt Crane Service, Inc.
HCI Decking, Inc.

Neffs, PA

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