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Leonard Cooper, Owner • Custom Painting Contractor For Over 8 Years

Sometimes we recognize a problem, but try to solve it the wrong way. Does your living room or kitchen suddenly appear dreary? Does your office look boring? Surprisingly, you may not need new furniture or an office layout. A professional painting project will make a world of difference in the appearance of any room, and Cooper’s Custom Painting is the company that can make it happen.

Located in Virginia Beach, phone (757) 574-2130, Cooper’s Custom Painting is an experienced paint contractor. Experts with brush, roller or spray, they can rejuvenate your walls and ceilings as well as the exterior of your home or commercial building. Their expertise also extends to specialties such as texturizing, marbleizing and wallpapering. If you want to add a special touch or pizzazz to your home or business, they also specialize in Glitter Walls. Licensed, bonded and insured for your protection, only first-quality paints and stains are used to ensure a durable job. All work is guaranteed, and local references are available.

Studies by mental health professionals have shown that colors have a profound impact on human emotions and perceptions. The professionals at Cooper’s Custom Painting can show you how to turn a sterile office into a warm environment, a dull kitchen into a lively setting, or make a small bedroom or living room appear roomier. Let Cooper’s Custom Painting brighten your indoor outlook. “Like” them on Facebook.

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