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Dirt Blasters Cleaning

A name well respected in the carpet cleaning business is Dirt Blasters Cleaning, located in Saint Louis, phone (314) 629-6715. They utilize a special technology that is available for both residential and commercial customers. When you put Dirt Blasters Cleaning in charge, you will have an allergy-free, spotless carpet that will be dry in about one hour. Their new dry-tech dirt extraction system enables them to effectively remove all traces of dirt, spots, stains, and mites. Their dry-tech method does not use water or a soapy solution, and your carpet can be walked on almost immediately.

Their experienced professionals will analyze your cleaning needs and give extra attention to areas that are stained, spotted or used most often. They will disinfect and deodorize your carpet, paying special attention to areas where your pet has left his mark. Dirt Blasters Cleaning has hired employees that are thoroughly trained to do an excellent job, and they treat your home like it was their own. They will move your furniture, with the exception of just the heaviest pieces, while the cleaning process is being done.

When you contact Dirt Blasters Cleaning , your complete satisfaction is always guaranteed. Your carpets will be looking like new again, and harmful toxins, dirt, and dust mites will have been eliminated. Why not call them soon? You’ll quickly understand why they have pleased so many homeowners in the area.

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Dirt Blasters Cleaning

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