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Martinez Transport
Owned and Operated Angel Martinez With Over 17 Years of Experience

Both local and long distance towing are specialties of Martinez Transport, located in Philadelphia, phone (267) 356-0869. They have years of experience and, as a result, can handle any and all types of damage-free towing, whether it be a large or small job. They are fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to handle the job properly and safely.

From a small car to a large truck, these experts do it all. They feature 24-hour service and they live by the phrase-“Anytime … Anywhere.” For most of us, it is not often that we need to call a towing service. When we do, we want to be sure that the company we call is capable, reliable, prompt, and efficient. Martinez Transport is one company that qualifies in all of these categories. You can depend on them for professional towing service, and their prices are competitive. They also represent many of the auto clubs throughout the nation. Remember Martinez Transport for first-rate towing service with a professional at the wheel.

Martinez Transport

Philadelphia, PA

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